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Get Your Practice Noticed with SEO

By: Jamie Konigsfeld


You have a website so clients in your area can learn more about you. But if a clients can’t find your website, what will bring them to your door instead of a competitor’s? This is where SEO comes in, a powerful service that can help you get your practice noticed online.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of making your website appealing to search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Search engines are the number one way for Internet users to find websites, and competition for high rankings is fierce. To rank well, your website must be easy for the search engines to categorize and understand. High-ranking websites on the first page receive much more traffic than those that appear on the second page and beyond.
When a client is looking for a new therapist, search engines give them targeted information. Most clients begin their search by simply entering the name of the specialty they need and the area where they live. 
Each search engine has an ever changing algorithm that they use to rank websites. Your website has to have the right formula for the search engines to notice you. While these algorithms can be in-depth and complex, the basics are:
  • Keywords
  • Titles within your site and your site’s URL
  • Links to your site
  • Words within links to your site
  • Reputation
4 in every 5 consumers use search engines for local searches. You put a lot of work into your website to make it appealing and informative; but you need to ensure that it is seen in clients’ searches! More visibility means more traffic to your website and more clients into your office - it’s just that simple.


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